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Laloushkas are, as the slogan says, the best dressed dolls in town. They are all unique and hand made, with extreme attention to detail.
Laloushka Kids, from the children’s collection, meant for children 3 and older, are a great alternative to mass produced toys.
Every season, laloushka promotes a new collection, coherent with the changing seasons, trying to meet the expectations of its youngest customers.


Collection Laloushka Kids, collection of dolls for children over 3 years old. The whole collection avaliable in our shop.

Kolekcja Ubranka Kids, collection of clothes for Laloushka Kids, suitable for dolls hight 42 cm. The whole collection avaliable at out shop. 



Pendants for bags. Colletion of pendants (19 cm), avaliable in our shop.


Collection of personalized dolls, all made for request. More about personalization in Personalizacja.

Collecion of personalized pendants. Pendants are made for request, can be 19 or 24 cm high, made in cotton or silk. 


Collection of personalized Laloushka Kids dolls for children, dolls from this collection are 42cm high and are made for request, in cotton or pure silk.



Collection of Great Fashion Designers, personalized dolls representing few of the biggest fashion designers.

Collecion Laloushka and the Stars, dolls represent the great polish and international stars. 

For special request we can make a copie of dolls showed in the gallery. If you are interested by this offer, please contact us at